Sunday, March 28, 2010

In Different Places

Well, I do not know what to do about this man I love. Maybe it is just a nostalgia thing. Thinking I can go back in time and relive the love we had. His career is taking off really well and he is super busy, performing, rehearsing, writing, recording, and the like. I know and understand this. But I need to know if he wants me back or not. Were in different places he says, but he says he loves me. I guess I will just come out and ask and stop making declarations of undying love. There is another guy I like but I would guiltily choose Joel over him any day. He is also far away from me. I am in TX, Joel's in TN and the other is in FL. I guess I will just ask him and give myself some peace of mind. The problem with the other guy is he cusses a lot and he is younger than I am, way younger. But he's cute and he likes me. We like the same kind of things. I met him working a temporary job when I was in FL. He seems not shy but he never tried to even kiss me. I am shy I need the guy to make the first move because if they do not, there will be no moves!! I wonder if he is a good kisser. I can't see myself with a guy who is not good at kissing. I met a guy at the race track in FL and he came to the mall where I worked to see me. I didn't like him anymore, the light of day and lack of a good beer buzz and all.... But I walked him out to his car and he kissed me, it was awful. I felt I needed to wash my face and brush my teeth for at least an hour after that kiss. He tried to get my phone number but I told him I wasn't allowed to give it out. That excuse still works actually.


  1. haha - great blog.. yeah, sexual politics are tough huh.. guys need to know that the woman is kind of interested though before he will risk embarassment to make a move.. there has to something there.. keep us in the Loop!

  2. THANK YOU ANTHONY!!!!! That makes me happy and you writing 'great blog' really means a lot to me!! Thanks for the optimistic 'keep us in the loop' as though there were lots of you! Really really sweet and encouraging!! Too may exclamation points but I am so happy and excited by your response!!!!