Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dreaming and Hoping

And so Monday came and went.
A romantic note came from Joel via myspace mail,(where it that sarcasm font...hmmm...it was just there......) here is a steamy excerpt: "I will apologize in advance for my upcoming and continuing lack of response due to..being in too many places at one time... I love your comments..Hope you and your family is doing well..Be cool..be safe! Joel" no x's no o's. There were there in previous notes as were, I can't wait to talk to you, I love having you back in my life and I love you, it was there March 15th. That's about two weeks and now, it just thanks, Joel. Should I just get a clue? He is busy. But he sounds like he is trying not to give me hope. I wrote and sent this to him on March 16th:

*dreaming and hoping*
never to forget
the feelings that you gave me
even now so many years later
a sound a words a chord
can bring the memories rushing back
and i am overwhelmed with
Love, loving feelings for you
always searching
always yearning for that perfect love
but its so far in the past
will it ever ever come back
to me, i am knowing
i am dreaming of that love again
it can live and breath
and be if we give it wings
softly and tenderly nurture it and
make it real again
one look one touch one kiss
and we'll make it ours again

I am not happy so that poem just pisses me off. He never even mentioned it. I know that I am by no means a great poet but hey, say it was nice at the least. I do not know but I feel as though I don't want to give up just yet. I have another poem I wrote for and sent to him. But I will post that another time. I feel bad because at first I had such an huge optimistic outlook for Joel and me. And I hardly gave the other guy a second thought, I might as well tell you, his name is Mike. Now I am thinking about Mike and hoping he hasn't met someone, or got back together with an ex. Yikes!!
Its all so perplexing.


  1. for the record, i like the poem.. thats not the issue.. he is being polite, but these declarations of love will only have the opposite effect.. im sorry to say.. no, i dont think he is interested.. a man needs to chase a little for him to be interested.. when the woman is coming on strong, theres nothing for him to step forward for.
    Also i think human nature dictates that if one person takes a big step forward, the other will step back. Unless theres been some strong attraction prior.
    Its a hard game.. Id let him go. Not responding to yr poem is just rude.. but it also tells you all you need to know.

  2. Wish I could help. Let me just say...I wouldn't want to be in your shoes (having to make this BIG decision). I hope it works out well. I like the poem. It is always nice when we can get the words out and onto the page. Not everyone responds like we wish they would though.

  3. OH! I forgot, thanks for taking time to read and respond on my blog. I'm following you back also. Thanks, thanks, thanks!!!

  4. Anthony, thank you!!! I am happy you liked my poem. =)
    You are right, I am sure. There was a history with us a strong attraction. We dated about 10 years ago. He went away, just out of the blue, to Nashville to pursue his career. He did not say he'd be back or wait for me or anything, just goodbye. I was so sad. By the time he came back I had a new boyfriend. He turned out to be a bad one but that's another story....
    I really appreciate your comments, Anthony. I am not so optimistic about his and my future together. Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. And Dellgirl! Thanks for reading, commenting and following!!! Thanks for liking my poem, I appreciate that very much!!! I will be reading yours, thanks!!